What’s It Like to Cruise on the Azamara Pursuit?

Written by William Lee

Dining Experiences

Azamara is a premium cruise line based in Miami, Florida, known for its focus on destination immersion experiences. The company operates four intimate, boutique-style ships: Azamara Journey, Azamara Quest, Azamara Pursuit, and Azamara Onward. Each ship can accommodate up to 702 guests, allowing them to access smaller ports and provide a more personalized experience. Recently, one of our agents, Heather, had a chance to see what Azamara’s Pursuit was all about.

Heather loved the dining on the Azamara Pursuit. Her favorite spots were Aquafina and Prime C, which required an extra fee but were worth it. “The other dining was very nice and above average,” she said. Heather also enjoyed the main buffet.

Azamara Pursuit

Accommodation Details

Heather stayed in a balcony cabin. “The ship is called the Pursuit, and it’s relatively new. I did not see evidence of wear and tear in the room and was surprised with the neutral tones making it look quite modern,” she noted. The room had a comfortable bed, a couch, and a desk. However, Heather appreciated the free laundry room on board.

Shore Excursions

One of the best parts of the cruise was the included shore excursion. Heather shared, “We went to the Opera in Argentina,” showing the unique experiences offered. The excursions were well-organized and added a lot to the trip.

Azamara Pursuit

Onboard Amenities

Azamara Pursuit, with a capacity of 777 passengers and a crew of 380, offers an intimate cruising experience. The ship features seven restaurants, cafes, lounges, a pool, sun decks, and a spa. “No casino, upper-class cruising option,” Heather pointed out. Other amenities include The Den lounge for destination information, The Pursuit Shop for shopping, a cabaret lounge for entertainment, and various dining venues.

Ship Highlights

The Pursuit is designed for destination-focused cruising, allowing longer stays in port for more immersive experiences. Its smaller size enables access to ports that larger ships can’t reach. The ship underwent a big refit before joining Azamara’s fleet in August 2018, ensuring a modern and comfortable environment.

Azamara Pursuit

What Voyages are on the Pursuit?

  1. Mediterranean Cruises: During summer months, Azamara Pursuit typically sails in the Mediterranean, departing from ports like Venice, Civitavecchia (Rome), and Athens.
  2. South American Cruises: In winter, the ship often operates in South America, visiting destinations in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and the Falkland Islands.
  3. Transatlantic Crossings: The ship conducts transatlantic repositioning cruises between Europe and the Americas.
  4. Golf Voyages: The ship sometimes offers specialized golf-themed cruises, like a 12-night voyage featuring play at premium golf courses in South Africa.
  5. Norway Fjords: The ship’s inaugural cruise after joining Azamara was a roundtrip from Southampton to the Norwegian Fjords.

Azamara Pursuit

Is Azamara a 5 Star Cruise Line?

Yes, Azamara is considered a 5-star cruise line because of its great service, fancy rooms, and excellent dining. The smaller ship size allows for more personal service and access to unique ports.

Is Azamara for Older People?

Azamara cruises mostly attract older people, mainly over 60, who want a calm and classy trip. The cruises focus on adults and offer special, immersive experiences, making them great for mature travelers. However, that does not mean it is exclusive for those over 60. Azamara is great for those who want that immersive experience and top notch luxury.

Heather’s journey on the Azamara Pursuit highlights the ship’s excellent service, high-quality dining, and comfy accommodations. With its focus on older travelers and destination immersion, the Pursuit offers a special and upscale cruising experience. Whether enjoying a special dinner at Aquafina or exploring an opera in Argentina, guests are sure to have a memorable trip.

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