Travel Senegal: Art & Culture with Dr. Joseph L. Underwood

Written by Robin Gilmore

Brace yourselves, because we’re going on a wild ride across the heart of West Africa, in a country that buzzes with rhythm, color, and sheer joie de vivre – yes, we’re heading to Senegal!

We’ll kick things off in the busy streets of Dakar. Imagine the beat of sabar drums, the flurry of colorful fabrics in bustling markets, and the seductive aroma of local cuisine wafting through the air. Dakar is more than a city; it’s a sensory fiesta!

Then, hold on to your hats as we journey into the serene Sine-Saloum Delta, where rivers meet the sea amidst a labyrinth of mangroves. And let’s not forget Lake Retba, or as the Senegalese like to call it, the ‘Lake of Liquid Bubblegum’ – a body of water that’s actually pink!

We also turn back the hands of time and get a bit emotional as we visit the moving House of Slaves on Gorée Island and stroll through the time-worn streets of Saint-Louis, a city frozen in a bygone era.

Fear not, we’re not navigating this journey solo. On today’s episode of The Travel Agents, we are joined by special guest Dr. Joseph Underwood. Dr. Underwood is a professor of African Art History at Kent State University.


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