Experience the beauty of Iceland, where volcanic landscapes meet crystal blue hot springs, inviting adventurers and spa seekers alike.

Waterfalls, Fjords, and a Blue Lagoon

  • Public Transportation 20% 20%
  • Food 80% 80%
  • Accommodations & Lodging 65% 65%
  • SIGHTSEETING 100% 100%
  • Overall 67% 67%
Recommended TRIP Duration: 9 Nights
Language: Icelandic & English
Currency: Icelandic Krona
Ideal FOR: Nature Lovers, Spa Lovers, and The Adventurer

Iceland is an island of contrasts and natural wonders, where the fire of volcanoes meets the ice of glaciers in a spectacular display. This land of fire and ice offers travelers breathtaking landscapes, from the Blue Lagoon to the icy Vatnajökull National Park. Its beauty is perfect for those seeking both adventure and solitude in the wild.

Rich in Viking history and folklore, Iceland’s culture is as compelling as its geography. Fishing villages dot the rugged coastline, each with stories of ancient settlers and mythical creatures. The capital, Reykjavik, though small, is filled with creative energy, a vibrant arts scene, incredible cuisine, and a lively nightlife, all inspired by its Norse history.

Icelandic hospitality brings a warm welcome in even the chilliest weather, making every visit memorable. Whether you’re watching the dance of the Northern Lights, exploring the fjords, or enjoying the warm hospitality of its people, Iceland offers a blend of nature and a culture that captivates all who journey here.

“The harsh terrain and sparse population have left Iceland a country of breathtaking unspoiled natural beauty.” – Jonathan Wilcox

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Places to Eat

1. Icelandic Street Food

Icelandic Street Food offers a unique fast food concept in Iceland, providing traditional Icelandic dishes at a more affordable price compared to fine dining. This family-owned business features recipes from the founder, Unnar Helgi’s grandmother, including traditional delicacies like Icelandic pancakes and Happy Marriage cake. The menu includes hearty options such as “The Fisherman’s Favorite,” a fish stew with Icelandic cod, potatoes, and onions in hollandaise sauce, served with rye bread and butter. Other offerings include a lamb soup with Icelandic lamb and root vegetables, a shellfish soup with scallops and shrimps in langoustine broth, and desserts like rolled pancakes with sugar, and Happy Marriage cake made with oats, brown sugar, and homemade strawberry jam, served with cream. Overall, Icelandic Street Food is presented not just as a meal, but as a comprehensive cultural experience.

2. Braud & Co

In the spring of 2016, a new bakery opened at Frakkastíg 16, quickly becoming a local favorite due to its high demand and quickly emptied shelves. In response, the bakery expanded by opening five more locations to meet customer needs. This bakery prides itself on using only fresh, organic ingredients for its range of baked goods, including sourdough bread and croissants, all prepared in an open kitchen where customers can engage with the bakers. The focus is on quality and simplicity, eschewing pretentiousness in favor of honest, artisanal baking. Importantly, they are known for creating some of the best cinnamon rolls ever tasted, adding a sweet highlight to their offerings.

3. Slippurinn

Slippurinn is a restaurant located in the Westman Islands, off the southern coast of Iceland, within a meticulously restored machinery workshop that once served the local shipyard. The restaurant embraces its industrial heritage while focusing on a deep connection with the local environment and community. They source their ingredients sustainably, collaborating with local fishermen, farmers, and small producers, and utilize seasonal produce along with wild herbs and seaweed foraged from the islands. Slippurinn combines traditional Icelandic methods with modern culinary techniques to offer unique dining experiences that reflect the spirit of the islands and a commitment to environmental stewardship. The goal is for diners to truly experience the essence of the islands through their meals.

Iceland Travel

Day 1

Begin your trip to Icelandic in Reykjavik, the heart of the nation. Wander the streets to discover iconic sites such as the Hallgrimskirkja Church and Harpa Concert Hall.

Then, journey through the famed Golden Circle, where you’ll witness the geological wonder of Thingvellir National Park, the explosive drama of the Geysir geothermal area, and the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall.

Wrap up your day with a dinner back in the capital, sampling Iceland’s incredible food.

Day 2

Set out early for the South Coast, home to some of Iceland’s most photographed landscapes. Your day includes visits to the captivating Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls, each offering unique perspectives and photo opportunities.

Continue to Reynisfjara, to see the black sand beach, renowned for its powerful waves and basalt columns. After exploring the village of Vik, return to Reykjavik and relax with a local meal.

Day 3

Dedicate your day to relaxation and exploration starting at the Blue Lagoon, where the mineral-rich waters offer a soothing, otherworldly spa experience.

Later, explore the landscapes of the Reykjanes Peninsula, including the beauty of the Bridge between Continents and the  steam vents of Krysuvik. End your day in the fishing town of Grindavik, enjoying fresh seafood before the journey back to Reykjavik.

DAY TRIP TO Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon

The Highlight of the Trip!
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