Domestic Flights

Looking to fly domestic? Let us take the hassle out of your journey, ensuring smooth transitions and exceptional service from takeoff to touchdown.

International Flights

Traveling the globe can be stressful. Trust us to navigate the complexities of international travel, providing you with peace of mind for your journey.

First Class

Experience the epitome of luxury and comfort with first-class seats on your international flights. 


Our flight booking process includes seat selection, baggage handling, and expert support for any flight delays or cancellations, ensuring you travel worry-free.


Need a hotel with your flight? We’ve got you covered. Our travel experts will work to board you in a hotel perfect for travel plans. 


Leave your transportation worries behind – our dedicated service ensures a driver awaits you at the airport, ensuring a seamless journey to your resort without any stress.

Nicholas Satariano

“We just got back from 2 weeks in India and Singapore. Everything went so well. Chima Travel did an excellent job securing our flights and hotels. They gave us a printed out packet that detailed the specifics for our stays and great advice for traveling in Asia (currency, visas, plug adapters, etc). They were available during our trip to answer any questions as they arose. I would definitely recommend Chima Travel.

Kathryn Bash

“There are a lot of logistics when traveling abroad (aside from plane tickets [booking, rescheduling, cancellations etc]) there are also hotel bookings, train tickets, museum reservations etc that factor in. Chima Travel not only handled a re-booking of our cancelled flights out of the states to Italy seamlessly, but assured and supplied tickets ahead of time for our trains and museum tours which meant for a smooth transition at each of our destinations as well as excursions enjoyed while being there. Would highly recommend Chima Travel for your traveling abroad needs!

Mary Lou Steed

“Who does not enjoy being pampered? Even in this age of online usage for searching travel needs, utilizing the skill and experience of Chima Travel allows you to enjoy the process and anticipation of your time away without headaches or angst. This family company cares about you. Chima Travel listens, makes sure that they understand what you are looking to do, offers suggestions, and then does the work necessary to achieve your dream. That’s professional. All at no additional cost to you. Their follow through is exceptional, including on your day of travel and your day of return (we were contacted on Christmas Eve when our flight was extremely delayed! ).
Several years ago, we had the great luck to discover Chima Travel, and now we rarely schedule anything without utilizing their services. You dream-they plan-you enjoy.

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