Looking for Travel Protection? Allianz Travel Insurance to Cover Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Written by William Lee

Understanding Allianz’s Travel Insurance Policy on Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Allianz Travel Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for a variety of issues that might affect your travels, including unexpected medical emergencies. One critical aspect of travel insurance that often prompts questions at Chima Travel is coverage related to pre-existing medical conditions. Below, we get into Allianz’s policy on this matter, one of our go-to Insurance Companies.

allianz travel insurance covered reason

What Are Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

Definition and Coverage

pre-existing medical condition refers to any injury, illness, or medical condition that showed symptoms or was treated within 120 days before purchasing your travel insurance policy. Travelers must understand how these conditions are covered to avoid surprises in case of a claim.

Allianz’s Coverage Policy

Waiver Eligibility

Allianz offers a waiver for pre-existing medical conditions, which can be beneficial for travelers with ongoing health concerns. To qualify for this waiver, the following conditions must be met:

  • Policy Purchase Timing: The insurance policy must be purchased within 14 days of making your initial trip payment. Yes, the initial trip payment, not the final payment.

  • Residency Requirement: You must be a U.S. resident at the time of purchasing the policy.

  • Health Status: You must be medically able to travel when the policy is purchased.

  • Coverage Amount: You must insure the full non-refundable cost of your trip at the time of purchase. If you book a non refundable flight, hotel, and tour, then you need to insure each. However if you book a refundable hotel, you do not need to insure that hotel.

This waiver is critical as it allows travelers to receive coverage for claims that might otherwise be denied due to the pre-existing condition clause.

allianz travel insurance covered reason

Special Considerations for Residents of California, Maryland, and Texas


For residents of California, purchasing travel insurance from Allianz means that any coverage becomes primary over any other similar or duplicate insurance coverage. This can affect how claims are processed and prioritized.

What does Allianz mean when they say that “the coverage from their travel insurance becomes primary over any other similar or duplicate insurance coverage”? It means that in the event of a claim, Allianz’s travel insurance will be the first to pay out, before any other insurance policies you might have.

How Primary Coverage Works

In insurance terms, “primary” coverage takes precedence over other forms of insurance covering the same risk. Here’s what that implies for you if you are a California resident with Allianz travel insurance:

  • Claim Processing: If you need to make a claim, you would first turn to Allianz, regardless of whether you have other policies that might also cover the claim. This simplifies the claims process because you deal directly and initially with Allianz.
  • Impact on Other Insurance: Since Allianz covers the claim first, any other insurance policies you have (like homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, health insurance, or other travel insurance) would only be accessed if the coverage under Allianz is exhausted. This means less paperwork and potentially faster claim resolution.
  • Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Costs: Primary coverage usually helps manage your out-of-pocket costs better. For instance, if Allianz’s travel insurance pays first, you might not need to pay deductibles that you would normally pay if another insurance were to cover the claim initially.

Benefits of Primary Coverage

  • Simplicity in Claims: Dealing with one insurance provider makes the process less complicated.

  • Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs: You can avoid multiple deductibles from different insurance policies.

  • Quick Resolution: Claims might be processed and settled faster since you’re dealing with a single insurer.


In Maryland, purchasing travel insurance ensures that the coverage from Allianz will be primary. This is crucial information for residents to know as it can impact how they might choose to handle other insurance policies they have.


Texas residents are advised to consider their existing insurance policies, such as automobile or health insurance, before purchasing travel insurance. This is because Allianz’s travel insurance might not cover all aspects, such as personal injury or property damage, which could be covered under other insurance policies.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Regardless of the provider, travel insurance is always calculated by the total non refundable amount and the age(s) of the traveler. It makes sense, the more you spend the higher it costs to insure that amount. However, the age of the individual is critical to understanding the pricing for travel insurance. If you are in your 60’s you’ll pay more for the same trip than a person in their 20’s. At Chima Travel, we have our client’s fill out a travel insurance form if they decide they do not want to purchase travel insurance. It’s important to know what all is covered with travel insurance.


We’ve got you covered! At Chima Travel, we’ve been helping people plan their trip for over 100 years.

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