Land of the Incas

Peru’s ancient ruins, vibrant cultures, stunning Andean landscapes, and delicious cuisine promise an unforgettable adventure for travelers.

The Amazon, Machu Picchu, and Culinary History

  • Public Transportation 50% 50%
  • Food 80% 80%
  • Accommodations & Lodging 70% 70%
  • SIGHTSEETING 90% 90%
  • Overall 73% 73%
Recommended TRIP Duration:  9 Nights
Language: Spanish
Currency: The NUEVO SOL
Ideal FOR: Hikers, Nature Lovers, Foodies, and History Lovers

Peru’s allure lies in its ancient wonders, prominently showcased by the iconic Machu Picchu, a captivating Incan citadel nestled high in the Andes. The country’s diverse natural landscapes, from the Amazon Rainforest to the Andean peaks and coastal deserts, offer boundless opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventure.

Peru’s cultural richness is evident in its vibrant indigenous communities, bustling markets, and colonial architecture found in cities like Cusco and Lima. Warm and welcoming, the Peruvian people share their heritage through music, dance, and a cuisine renowned for its bold flavors and diverse influences.

Whether exploring ancient ruins, immersing oneself in nature, or savoring Peruvian cuisine, a journey through Peru promises an unforgettable experience

“Going to Peru is, well, if you ever have an opportunity in your life to go there, you should do it because it is absolutely mind boggling.” – Dean Stockwell

Places to Eat


Central, founded in 2008 by Virgilio Martínez in Lima, showcases Peruvian ingredients and cooking techniques, with Pía León joining in 2009 as head chef. Their deep passion for Peruvian cuisine led to the development of a menu reflecting various ecosystems by altitude, while their global expansion includes restaurants like Mil in Cusco and Maz in Tokyo, blending Peruvian and local flavors.


Maido, ranked Latin America’s Best for three years, merges Peruvian and Japanese cuisine under Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura. Featuring a smart dining room with hanging ropes, it offers sushi, à la carte, or the ‘Nikkei Experience’ menu, highlighting seafood and signature dishes like 50-hour cooked beef short rib.


Osso in Lima, part butcher’s shop, part restaurant, specializes in expertly grilled meats by Renzo Garibaldi, offering dry-aged beef and house-made charcuterie. Whether à la carte or tasting menu, enjoy hands-on dining with refreshing chilcano de pisco cocktails.

Day 1

Begin your Peruvian adventure in Lima, where you’ll dive headfirst into the vibrant culinary scene. Explore the historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, before embarking on a tantalizing food tour through Lima’s colorful neighborhoods.

From sampling fresh ceviche to savoring traditional Peruvian dishes, immerse yourself in the flavors of this culinary capital before experiencing the city’s lively nightlife.

Day 2

Arrive in Cusco, the heart of the ancient Inca Empire, where you’ll spend the day acclimating to the altitude and exploring the city’s rich history.

Wander through the cobblestone streets of the historic center, admiring the blend of Inca and colonial architecture, before indulging in authentic Peruvian cuisine at a local restaurant.

Take in the sights and sounds of this enchanting city as you prepare for the next leg of your journey to Machu Picchu.

Day 3

Embark on an unforgettable adventure to Machu Picchu, the legendary Lost City of the Incas.

Travel by train from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, the gateway to this ancient wonder, before ascending to the majestic ruins. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, explore the intricately carved stone temples, terraced fields, and awe-inspiring vistas of Machu Picchu. Marvel at the mystical beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site before returning to Cusco.

Machu Picchu Tour

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