What is the Rocky Mountaineer?

Written by William Lee

The Rocky Mountaineer: An Overview

The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury train journey through the beautiful Canadian Rockies. The trip usually lasts two days, traveling from Banff to Vancouver with an overnight stop in the small town of Kamloops. This train ride is famous for its amazing views, excellent service, and the unique experience of traveling through some of the most beautiful places in the world.

The Experience on Board

Goldleaf vs. Silverleaf Service

One of the best parts of the Rocky Mountaineer experience is choosing between Goldleaf and Silverleaf service. Goldleaf service has a two-story train car with a glass dome roof, allowing passengers to enjoy 360-degree views of the scenery. The upper level is for seating, while the lower level has a dining area with gourmet meals. Silverleaf service is a single-level car with large windows and meals served at your seat.

Scenic Highlights

The trip through the Canadian Rockies is filled with breathtaking views of towering mountains, clear lakes, and waterfalls. From the moment you leave Banff, you are surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains. As you travel to Vancouver, the landscape includes beautiful rivers and valleys.

Exceptional Service

The Rocky Mountaineer is known for its exceptional service. The train staff, including tour leaders, provide interesting commentary and personal attention throughout the journey. Guests enjoy gourmet meals, snacks, and beverages, including a selection of fine wines and cocktails. The level of service ensures that every moment on board is comfortable and memorable.

Rocky Mountaineer

Do You Sleep on the Rocky Mountaineer Train?

No, you do not sleep on the Rocky Mountaineer train. The journey is designed to let you enjoy the beautiful scenery, so the train only travels during daylight hours. At the end of each day, passengers stay overnight in a hotel in a town along the route, such as Kamloops. This allows you to rest and recharge before continuing the journey the next day.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Go on the Rocky Mountaineer?

The Rocky Mountaineer runs from April to October, offering different experiences depending on the season. Each time of year provides a unique view of the Canadian Rockies:

  • Spring (April – May): The landscapes come alive with blooming flowers and lush greenery. The weather is cooler, making it a pleasant time to travel.
  • Summer (June – August): This is the peak season, with warm weather and long daylight hours. The summer months are great for viewing wildlife and enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Fall (September – October): The fall colors transform the Rockies into a vibrant display of reds and oranges. The cooler temperatures and fewer tourists make it a peaceful and picturesque time to visit.

Tips for Planning Your Rocky Mountaineer Trip

  1. Book Goldleaf Service: The experience of the glass dome and gourmet dining is worth the extra cost.
  2. Plan Pre- and Post-Trip Stays: Spend a few extra days in Banff and Vancouver to fully explore these beautiful destinations.
  3. Consider a Combined Trip: Pair your Rocky Mountaineer journey with an Alaskan cruise for an extended adventure.
  4. Prepare for Delays: Train schedules can be affected by other train traffic, so be flexible with your travel plans.
  5. Budget for Tipping: Tipping is not included in the ticket price. Plan to tip around $40 per person per day.

The Rocky Mountaineer offers an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Canadian Rockies, combining luxury with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Whether you’re planning a standalone trip or combining it with other travel experiences, the Rocky Mountaineer is sure to provide memories that will last a lifetime. For more travel planning assistance, visit our website or explore more about train travel here.


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